Virtual Field Day Recap: Part 2

Catch up on the afternoon sessions from our July 25th Virtual field day with the Minnesota Soil Health Coalition at Jamie Labat’s!

Session Three: Oats and Clover Cover Crop

       In this session, Jamie Labat is joined by Prairie Creek Seed’s Agronomist, Amanda Rollins. The two walk through field history and the goals of his oat field that was underseeded with red clover. The main topics discussed include how the field was seeded, what the goal of the clover is, residue management, and what the field will be next year. Watch the full session as well as a full Fall Cover Crop Powerpoint HERE!

Session Four: Planting Green- Sunflowers

       Jamie and Jennifer, from the MSHC, go over how Jamie planted his oilseed sunflowers into a cereal rye cover crop stand. Jamie explains what he liked as well as what he would change about the process. The two dive into the benefits of planting green and how residue protects the soil from erosion and feeds soil biology. Watch it all HERE! 

Feel free to send us any questions about topics discussed in these videos in the comments below or through our Facebook.