Virtual Field Day Recap: Part 1

Did you know Prairie Creek Seed partnered with the Minnesota Soil Health Coalition to bring you four unique, live events last month? In case you missed them, below is a recap of the morning sessions!

Session One: Soil Health

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       Jennifer Hahn from the MSHC joined Minnesota farmer and coalition member, Jamie Labat in one of his fields the morning of Saturday, July 25th. This first session was focussed on the importance of soil health on Jamie’s diversified farm. The two discussed where Jamie’s ground started and what steps he has taken to improve the health of his soil in order to grow healthy crops and forage for his livestock. Their discussion focuses on soil structure and how soils can be transformed. Watch the full video HERE!

Session Two: Cover Crop Pasture

       In this session, Jamie is joined by Prairie Creek Seed’s Karl Dallefeld to discuss his cover crop grazing and perennial pastures. Jamie raises beef cattle by utilizing rotational grazing on annual cover crops as well as cool season perennial pastures. Their discussion focuses on how Jamie is using the annual cover crops to transition row crop ground into perennial pasture and why that step is so important. The two also take a look at Jamie’s current perennial pasture and discuss how to increase diversity and improve his grazing rotation to meet yield and soil health goals. Watch their full discussion as well as a fall pasture management presentation from Karl HERE!

Feel free to send us any questions about topics discussed in these videos in the comments below or through our Facebook.