Interseeding into Standing Corn

       As interseeding becomes a more common practice and the time of year for seeding approaches, we wanted to focus on our cover crop blend designed specifically for interseeding!

Interseeder Plus

  • Interseeder Plus is a diverse mix of Annual Ryegrass, Crimson Clover, Balansa Clover, and Hybrid Brassica.
  • Interseeder Plus has shown excellent shade tolerance and is able to withstand the extreme shade under the corn canopy, this mix is not recommended for interseeding into soybeans.
  • Producers have had success using this blend for erosion and weed control and to capture nutrients in the soil where the next crop needs them.
  • This cover crop blend was designed to capture excess nutrients in the late summer and early fall after the corn hits black layer.
  • Interseeder Plus can provide an excellent fall grazing once the corn is harvested.

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       Through research of various species, we created Interseeder Plus to have the best varieties that could handle the shading of the corn without negatively affecting the corn yields. There are a few different ways to plant Interseeder Plus into corn fields such as broadcasting, setting up the side dress applicators with a seed box, retro-fitting drills, or purchasing interseeders that are designed for drilling into standing corn. It is best to get good seed to soil contact for establishment. The recommended rate for drilling the blend is 14-16 lbs per acre, putting the cost of seed around $21 per acre. If the only option is to broadcast the mix, we do recommend increasing the rate to around 17-20 lbs per acre.

       Having a living root in the ground between corn rows leads to increased biological diversity and improved soil health. These factors can positively affect the following years crops in regards to yield and plant health. After interseeded corn is harvested, Interseeder Plus can provide an excellent grazing option. The green material from the blend provides palatable, higher protein feed that combines well with the usual grazing of corn stalks.


       Interseeder Plus will winterkill in the upper Midwest regions unless temperatures are moderate or there is adequate snow cover for insulation. In the case that Interseeder Plus overwinters, producers have directly planted the next cash crop into the stand in the spring and have had great success. The mix can also be terminated prior to planting with a burndown in the spring. Remember to check the pH in the spray water and spray when the cover is in a growing state. Ideally on a day of 60 Degrees or better.

Are you thinking of interseeding this year?