Interseeding into Alfalfa - Long-term

Have you realized that you need to boost your alfalfa and want to extend the stand for two or more years? You need an option that will last longer than the short-term choices we gave you. One of these should fit what you are looking for…

 u.2.Alfalfa in Orchardgrass crop.jpg

  1. Hakari Brome – Woah woah woah, this was on the short-term list link! It was, but as we mentioned there, Hakari can persist for 2-3 years with proper management (remember, 3-4-inch stubble height and ample regrowth time). Adding 8-10 lbs per acre of this “rescue grass” will provide high-quality forage and will dry down for hay. Use this to interseed into alfalfa stands that are on fertile, well-drained ground.
  2.  Perennial Ryegrass – A perennial ryegrass such as Payday or Barsprinter will be quick to establish, increase production, and persist for more than the first season under good conditions. Perennial ryegrass also likes fertile soils that are well-drained, but will most likely not dry down. This is a great option where silage or baleage is the goal.
  3.  Haymaster – By adding 8-10 lbs per are of this soft-leaf tall fescue, orchardgrass, and timothy blend, you will increase the production of the stand long-term. These perennial grasses make excellent quality, dry hay. In situations where you want to keep the alfalfa stand in place for two or more years, Haymaster is the way to go.

In any of the above recommendations, the addition of 3-4 lbs per acre of Freedom! MR red clover would be beneficial if an additional legume portion is desired. Freedom! MR is free of non-glandular hairs providing an addition legume that will dry down well and offer mildew resistance. Generally, Freedom! MR will maintain in a well-managed stand for two years.

Consider these options for stand that can be maintained long-term!