The story of Prairie Creek Seed began long before it sold a single seed and continues as a journey, bringing together many professionals with a passion for not only soil, plant, and livestock health, but also human health and the future of the world we live in. — Founders Karl and Kyle Dallefeld

Getting Started with Forages

After a career in the seed corn industry, Karl decided he wanted to switch gears and began working exclusively with pasture grasses and forages through Barenbrug USA. Because the company was a leader in grass breeding, he traveled throughout the United States and Canada to work with grass-based farms under a variety of management conditions. This priceless, hands-on education cultivated a deep desire to learn what makes a farm successful and, in some cases, what can cause it to fail.


Digging Deeper into Soil Health

From Barenbrug USA, Karl moved to Midwestern Bio-Ag, where he dug into the performance of individual grass species and their management in relation to soil health and forage production. While still expanding his network across the United States and Canada, Karl made the decision to go into business closer to home. He asked his son, Kyle, who had grown up with the family’s sheep and grass-finished cattle production, if he wanted to start a seed company.


PCS Begins

Working out of the basement of Karl’s house—Kyle’s childhood home—PCS started with distributorships for Blue River Organics, Masters Choice, and Barenbrug. It wasn’t long before operations outgrew the basement and spilled into the rest of the house and warehousing off-site in Peosta, Iowa. Kyle, who has stored away encyclopedic knowledge of plant genetics, took over deliveries, logistics and order picking, as well as warehouse management in Peosta and in a Fillmore location opened in 2014.

2015 - 2019

Our Current Location

The current facilities near Cascade, Iowa, were purchased in 2015, realizing Prairie Creek Seed’s mission to become a truly independent seed company, developing the very best genetics and highest quality possible. Relationships built early in Karl’s career were key to Prairie Creek Seeds’ early growth—which was exponential! As more producers continue to incorporate forages and cover crops, the Prairie Creek Seed team has grown and is now known for leading-edge products in those categories and expansion of their possibilities.



As producers with skin in the game, Karl and Kyle lead the company from the understanding that forage cropping must first be financially viable. The many benefits for soil health and future productivity grow from sound decisions and our collective management expertise. We are Prairie Creek Seed, and as always, the success of farmers and ranchers is our highest priority!