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Prairie Creek Seed serves the Midwest and the western regions of the U.S. with extensive knowledge and experience in the seed industry. We strive to provide excellent advice on management practices and specie selection to enhance your profitability and soil health. By carefully selecting the best seed genetics, we deliver high-quality alfalfas, grasses and cover crops. Prairie Creek Seed is here to help you succeed!
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Annuals are great option for cover, forage, and nurse crops with quick establishment and growth!

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Selecting the ideal cover crop is essential for a producer to be successful.

Introducing Our Products

Soil functions best when it is covered, protected from overexposure to the environment by something growing on its surface. Our forages and cover crops will help you reduce erosion caused by wind and rain. They will also help collect solar energy, turning it into sugars and recycling soil nutrients for use by the next cash crop. Below, we have given you a quick introduction to some of the catagories our our products:
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Prairie Creek Seed works carefully with the very best genetics companies to select the alfalfa varieties we offer. Our criteria for selection include forage quality and sound agronomics, as well as yield.


The forage quality of legumes, including clovers, is generally higher than that of most forage grasses. Legumes are usually higher in crude protein, digestibilty, and many minerals and vitamins. Legumes partnered with grass forages give you the best animal performance.


Prairie Creek Seed has experience working with many different grass species. Our grasses and grass blends include the very best genetic base available. We know palatability, maturity, and digestibility matter, and it is our commitment to meet your needs with varieties that offer unparalleled performance and profitability.


With powerful taproots, brassicas have the ability to grow deeper than most other planting options, bringing nutrients back up to the root zone and creating root channels for the crops that follow. Brassicas also extend the grazing season when other forages are less productive. They provide higher crude protein and digestability than hay or conserved forages at a fraction of the cost.

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Best Management Practices

Agriculture is changing rapidly today. Forages and cover crops have a place in every sector. A growing number of producers are "planting green", with high success rates. To do this, you need a cover crop that overwinters and grows again in the spring, conditioning the soil for you. You can then plant directly into that cover and use a termination process that fits your farming practice.