Prairie Creek Seed is expanding from the fields to your front door. We have selected the best turf grass varieties for our customers to enjoy. These seed mixes are designed for home lawns, landscapes and sports turf. All seeds are coated with Yellow Jacket® Enhanced Seed Coating for better establishment and even distribution across your yard.

Turf Sense® Landscape Pro

Turf Sense® Landscape Pro is an all-purpose, economical turf mixture for full sun to light shade. It contains Kentucky Blue and Perennial Ryegrass. Landscape PRO is well suited for home and commercial turf.

Turf Sense® Sunny Pro

Turf Sense® Sunny Pro is a full sun to light shade perennial mixture of quality Kentucky blue and ryegrass; uniform and dense. Sunny Pro delivers fast establishment with a quality perennial performance.

Turf Sense® Shade Pro

Turf Sense® Shade Pro is well suited for those moderately shaded areas, where bluegrass and rye will not persist long-term. Comprised of 90% fine fescues, Shade PRO is slower growing and requires low fertility when compared to other cool season grasses.


Yellow Jacket® Enhanced Seed Coating is a seed enhancer that captures moisture and nutrients around the seed for better establishment. The coating increases the seed density, making the additional weight of the seed easier to spread evenly throughout the area. Yellow Jacket® also protects the seed from diseases like Pythium.

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