Single Species

Single species are the individual varieties of grasses.  We offer the best single specie genetics from our current blends, because we know there are times when a producer wants to make additions to the pasture or hay field.  Prairie Creek Seed has the top single species with the quality standards needed to help you succeed. Our single species can help you maximize your fields and pastures to their full potential.


Annual Ryegrass

Rootmax Annual Ryegrass establishes rapidly, which gives high productivity in the planting season. Best suited for grazing, silage, and is great in a cover crop blend. Annual ryegrass increases organic matter and has dense fibrous root mass that can grow 36 inches into the soil.  This is a very easy forage to handle and as a cover crop due to winter kill.


Italian Ryegrass

Crusader is a flexible and forgiving ryegrass variety. It is a great alternative to forage cereals when Crusader is planted in the spring. While planted in the fall it can extend quality feed past the life span of annual ryegrass. Crusader’s rapid establishment and vigorous growth offer early grazing opportunities and maximum yield potential.


Italian Ryegrass Blend

Green Spirit is a unique blend of tetraploid Italian ryegrass varieties developed for better persistence under grazing and improved traffic tolerance. This blend can provide high dry-matter production, disease resistance to crown rust and improved palatability. These varieties have improved dry-matter production and winter hardiness compared to older cultivars.


Prairie Grass

Atom is an alternative short-rotation option for high-quality feeding requirements. Atom has a higher tiller density than other prairie grass options. This has resulted in an unequalled tolerance of close, set stocked, grazing. High summer heat tolerance with high protein content makes Atom an ideal pasture for growth in young livestock and lactating dairy cattle. With no endophyte, it is also perfect for horse grazing.


Tall Fescue (Beneficial Endophyte) 

BarOptima Plus E34 was developed with the beneficial E34 endophyte that eliminates the toxins in the Kentucky 31 tall fescue. The E34 was able to maintain the persistence and high yield traits. Tall fescue also improves the palatability and increase livestock performance since there are no toxins. BarOptima Plus E34 is an all-round great forage.


Tall Fescue Blend

STF-43 is a premium blend of late maturing, endophyte free, soft leaf fescues. It’s great for grazing and haylage applications, due to its characteristics. This blend is very palatable and has impressive yields with high levels of digestible fiber. Making it highly digestible for livestock.



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