Grass Blends

Prairie Creek Seed offers a superior selection of grass blends for different soil types and weather conditions in the upper Midwest and western regions. We focus our grass blend formulations to optimize nutrition for livestock production without sacrificing recovery rate and forage quality. With farmers input, we have designed these mixes to enhance livestock performance and regionally formulated for predictable results in your area.



Renovator is a multi-species blend of grasses designed to support grass diversity in a new or existing pasture. This blend of six different grasses offers varied maturities and growth patterns throughout the course of the growing season for maintenance of forage quality and season long performance. Renovator planted with Diversifier,legume blend, will enhance the diversity of plants  which will increase forage quality and yield.



Stockman blend is a mixture designed to handle harsher conditions and withstand continuous grazing pressure. Stockman blend is a combination of long lasting perennial grass species and fast to establish species to allow earlier grazing in the establishment year.  With the ability to withstand the tougher conditions the varieties in this blend are best suited to cow/calf operations with minimal pasture management.


Grazing and Baleage

Diversemaster is a formulation of grasses and legumes designed to meet the needs of producers that want a very biodiverse pasture. This multiple species mix contains all of Barenbrug’s top grasses including the latest releases of improved grasses such as soft leaf tall fescue, meadow fescue, orchardgrass and perennial ryegrass. Hakari brome, festulolium, timothy and Italian ryegrass enhance this blend to give different maturities for a longer period of time, maintaining quality. In addition Diversemaster includes red clover, white clover, alfalfa, and birdsfoot trefoil. The legume portion allows for a wide variation in rooting types and nutritional qualities.


Baleage, Silage, and Dry Hay

Haymaster is a blend of high-quality grass species that allow the opportunity to dry bale hay during the growing season. Humidity and temperatures make it difficult to produce dry hay in many regions of the United States. Haymaster has plant species that are the best options to possibly achieve this harvest option. Haymaster is also a blend of grasses that will produce quality forage and still maximize tonnage and dry down.


Grazing, Baleage, and Silage

Energy Plus is a multi-species blend of grasses designed to support grass diversity in a new or existing pasture. This blend of four different high energy grasses will be best placed for the production of high-quality silage or baleage. Energy Plus works well for grazing operations that are looking for species that will produce milk or add pounds of beef.


Grazing and Baleage

RangeMax is a blend of very persistent grasses that can tolerate a continual grazing system once established. A mix of early and intermediate maturing species, RangeMax will green up sooner for earlier turnout in the spring. This blend is adapted for many soil types and environments.


Grazing and Baleage

MaxiGraze is a blend of grasses and legumes designed to produce very high-quality pasture. This blend of high-energy grasses can tolerate frequent grazing and still persist. Tall fescue has been omitted from the formulation for producers who want to stay away from tall fescue. This blend is meant for more productive soils in the Upper Midwest. The formulation will potentially meet Natural Resources Conservation Service standards for new pastures. Intended for both grass-finishing steers and dairy livestock, MaxiGraze quality is very high. 


Baleage and Silage

Waterway Mix is a multi-species blend of grasses designed to control erosion and allow for harvest of the waterway through mechanical harvest or grazing.  The species included in this blend are selected to not clump for a smoother waterway.  This is easier on equipment and a better catch for water controlling erosion.


Baleage and Silage

Milkway contains fescue and grass varieties that tested and performed well in the TMR of high producing dairy cows at University of Wisconsin feeding trial. Either seeded as a companion with alfalfa or as a standalone forage, Milkway will produce the exceptional yields of very high-quality forage. When seeded as a pure grass stand, Milkway will require a higher level of management. As a pure stand, fertility requirements will be higher especially with nitrogen. This also assists in manure management for larger operations looking for summer manure management areas.

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