Cool-Season Annuals

Prairie Creek Seed delivers premium cool-season annuals that are high in nutrition and agronomically sound. We determined our line-up by the specie characteristics and specific forage applications. Our cool-season annuals have high yields and are adapted for the upper Midwest and western regions. We are here to help you select the best cool-season annuals that will meet your particular needs.


Forage oats, especially EverLeaf 126 is late maturing and significantly higher yielding than most grain oat varieties. As forage they are outstanding in both quality and yield. Being later in maturity, EverLeaf 126 can be utilized as either a nurse crop for establishing perennial forages or as a forage crop alone.


Prairie Creek Seed offers Flex pea because its late flowering, similar to a winter pea, allows it to match up with the maturity of an oat or triticale in a blend better than any other spring forage pea. Flex’s white flowered characteristic brings better palatability and digestibility when compared to a colored flowered pea. Forage peas will increase the protein content of cereal crop forages. The ability of a forage pea to enhance the quality of our other grass nurse or forage crops is why we offer forage pea and cereal crop mixes.


Spring triticale maturity fits well between forage barley and forage oats as a nurse crop for alfalfa or as a forage crop alone. Prairie Creek Seed triticale are specific varieties for forage production. They will be awnless or awnletted for palatability if the forage would be delayed in harvest. Triticale will mature at about the same time as a mid-season or late oat variety.


Annual ryegrass establishes rapidly, which gives high productivity in the planting season. Annual ryegrass is used mainly as a nurse crop for establishing other forages and will generally not survive winters in the northern areas. Jumbo is a late-maturing tetraploid annual ryegrass from Barenbrug. It has good rust resistance and cold tolerance with high yields. Jumbo is suitable for silage as well as grazing applications.



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