Based on the needs of our customers and their geographical location within the upper Midwest and western regions, Prairie Creek Seed has the forage selection for any livestock operation. We have a diverse assortment of cool and warm season annuals, forbs, brassicas, grass species and various mixes to fulfill your farming needs. With our forage genetics and practical knowledge, we can complement your farm management methods to maximum forage yield and nutritional quality for all livestock. We understand that one product does not fit all operations. We offer a broad mix of seed genetics that fit your management style and will meet the needs of your particular farm.

Prairie Creek Seed delivers premium cool-season annuals that are high in nutrition and agronomically sound. We determined our line-up by the specie characteristics and specific forage applications. Our cool-season annuals have high yields and are adapted for the upper Midwest and western regions. We are here to help you select the best cool-season annuals that will meet your particular needs.

Prairie Creek Seed warm-season annuals are selected for optimum yield and excellent nutrition for the upper Midwest and western regions. All of our warm-season annuals are rated for end uses such as silage, dry hay and grazing. We are dedicated to providing you the best options to fit your production needs. We are here to help you select the best warm-season annuals that will meet your particular needs.


Prairie Creek Seed offers a full range of pasture seed genetics designed to meet the environmental and livestock demands for your operation. We know how undesirable seed genetics or improper selection of varieties can result in poor performance on grazing livestock. All of our pasture seed mixes can maximize production by proper placement and matching individual farm needs. With our genetics and unique blends, Prairie Creek Seed can direct you to the best choice in pasture seed.

Prairie Creek Seed offers multiple varieties of forbs and brassicas suitable across a range of environment conditions in the upper Midwest and western regions. Grazing livestock find brassicas and forbs very palatable and nutritious because they are rich in minerals and other nutrients. Forbs and brassicas pull nutrients from deep in the soil, while improving soil health long-term by introducing diversity into the sward.

Prairie Creek Seed offers a superior selection of grass blends for different soil types and weather conditions in the upper Midwest and western regions. We focus our grass blend formulations to optimize nutrition for livestock production without sacrificing recovery rate and forage quality. With farmers input, we have designed these mixes to enhance livestock performance and regionally formulated for predictable results in your area.

Single species are the individual varieties of grasses.  We offer the best single specie genetics from our current blends, because we know there are times when a producer wants to make additions to the pasture or hay field.  Prairie Creek Seed has the top single species with the quality standards needed to help you succeed. Our single species can help you maximize your fields and pastures to their full potential.

The coating and inoculants on our seed are created with cutting-edge science and proven research. They are designed to help your crops reach their full potential. Let our innovative seed technology help you achieve improved seed emergence, more uniform stands, better survivability, and superior performance over uncoated seeds. Also available for organic production.

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