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The coating and inoculants we choose for our seed offerings are created with cutting-edge science and proven research. They are designed to help your crops reach their full potential. Let our innovative seed technology help you achieve improved seed emergence, more uniform stands, better survivability, and superior performance over uncoated seeds.

Available for organic production as well.

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MYCO Seed Treat™

MYCO Seed Treat™ is a dry blend of plant-beneficial bacteria and fungi, including Mycorrhizae accompanied by a nutrient package to support them during their initial stages of growth. These microorganisms contribute to increased soil nutrient cycling, as well as increased productivity. Available for organic production and is listed with the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).


N-Dure™ is available in bacterial strains and treatment sizes to match any legume inoculation. It is also one of the most economical products on the market for obtaining nitrogen fixation. Packaged as a pre-mixed, humus-based product, N-Dure’s high potency can yield results in a wide range of conditions. However, its use is not recommended on first-year ground. Although no special equipment is needed for application, best results occur when N-Dure is mixed with a small amount of water to aid in seed adhesion and applied at the time of planting.  Available for organic production and is OMRI listed.


NITRO-COAT® is an integration of proven research, innovative technology and state-of-the-art systems designed to help plants reach their full establishment and yield potentials.  Like naturally occurring Rhizobium in the soil are not equally beneficial, those applied to seed can vary in quality and performance. NITRO-COAT® Rhizobium strains are specifically chosen for each seed type. Available for organic production and is OMRI listed.


PRE-VAIL™ is a ready-to-use, clay based, pre-inoculant designed to improve early seedling vigor through increased root development and excellent nodulation. The new PRE-VAIL™ not only contains high levels of rhizobium for nitrogen fixation, but it’s also infused with Azospirillum bacteria, an organic biological plant growth promoter unlike any other on the market today.  Available for organic production and is OMRI listed.

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