Cover Crops

Profitability and Performance, Let Cover Crops Work for You!

Prairie Creek Seed offers quality cover crop seed to increase the profitability and health of your soils and livestock on your farm or ranch.

We have real-life experience implementing cover crops on our own farms and ranches.  We have also worked with a diverse array of agricuiltural operations that have implemented cover crops successfully, some for the first time.

We also have years of research and experience throughout our team as well as partner with numerous, respected sources of sound management practices and information. Our broad network is here to serve you and help you determine which specie or mix would work best for your unique scenario.

Bottom line:  cover crops can be a profitable introduction to any farming operation because they enhance soil health, prevent erosion and compaction and so much more.  It is our goal to assist in your success of cover crop establishment and management.

Whether you are using cover crops for grazing or soil building, we want to be your source of seed and trusted information for successful cover crop implementation that works for your needs.

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Prairie Creek Seed has an array of cover crop blends suitable for any soil type and environmental condition. The diversity of each blend can greatly improve your soil health and enhance the yield of your cash crops. You can utilize each of our unique blend’s application. Additional benefits of our cover crop blends are, water and wind erosion prevention, decrease soil compaction and rapid release of nutrients.

Our single species cover crops are pure quality seed of the individual plant types. We have various single species that can fit into any good farming practice and geography within the upper Midwest and the western regions. Every species we offer at Prairie Creek Seed has a unique set of characteristics that can improve any type of production from beef cattle to cash crops. We are here to help you select the right one.

The coating and inoculants on our seed are created with cutting-edge science and proven research. They are designed to help your crops reach their full potential. Let our innovative seed technology help you achieve improved seed emergence, more uniform stands, better survivability and superior performance over uncoated seeds. Also available for organic production.

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