Corn Hybrids

Quality seed selection: because you are our first priority.

Prairie Creek Seed is dedicated to offering the very best seed varieties and recommending them to you with accuracy and understanding of your goals for soil health and profitability. In the development of our corn hybrids, we keep producers in mind as we select for premium, high-yielding performance without all the costly traits.

Our conventional hybrids are carefully crafted, tested, and evaluated for superior agronomics, disease resistance, and dependable yields across many environments. They’re listed here in order of days to maturity.

Quality is always a first selection priority.  Period.  We strive, every day, to have your maximum production and profitability in mind.

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PCS 7881

Dual Purpose

78 Days

Extra early hybrid with excellent early vigor. A great option for the far north and far west. Does not pull south well.

PCS 8882


88 Days

Solid hybrid for the Northern Corn Belt. Fits in seamlessly with cover crop practices.

8882 88-Day Non-GMO Corn Hybrid Chart
8882 Corn Hybrid Cob Cross-Section

PCS 9217

Dual Purpose

92 Days

Best yield in maturity range. Responds to high-end fertility and management. Great disease package.

9217 92-Day Non-GMO Corn Hybrid Chart

PCS 9340

Dual Purpose

93 Days

Rugged workhorse hybrid. Handles tough soils or heavy residue.

PCS 9455


94 Days

Western Corn Belt. Good option for
interseeding cover crops.

PCS 9768


97 Days

Solid grain hybrid. Good option for
interseeding cover crops.

PCS 9893

Dual Purpose

98 Days

Dual-purpose option that responds to high-end management.

PCS 9950


99 Days

Leafy and floury silage hybrid. Needs high-end management and low populations.

PCS 0014A


100 Days

Western Corn Belt. Rugged drought-tolerant grain hybrid that still has high-end yield potential.

PCS 0428


104 Days

Strong grain performance, with good test weight and dry down. Good for interseeding cover crops.

PCS 0488

Dual Purpose

104 Days

User-friendly dual-purpose hybrid. Great option for silage, earlage, or grain.

PCS 0658

Dual Purpose

106 Days

Replaces 0659. Similar, but with added yield potential and better Western movement.

PCS 0659

Dual Purpose

106 Days

Solid performance in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Southeast Minnesota. First-rate plant health.

PCS 0740

Dual Purpose

107 Days

Top-quality silage. Populations need to stay low to moderate. Late-season plant integrity below average.

PCS 0761PM

Dual Purpose

107 Days

PuraMaize hybrid. Good performance in Central Corn Belt.

PRAIRIE CREEK SEED is proud to be among the first to offer PuraMaize corn hybrids. PuraMaize technology allows corn to readily accept only its own pollen, making cross-pollination difficult. PuraMaize is available in current, modern genetics so that the end user can be assured of GMO purity without sacrificing yield. Many more PuraMaize hybrids are currently in the Prairie Creek Seed development pipeline. 

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