Alfalfa & Clovers

Prairie Creek Seed has always understood that legumes are a crucial part of forages for animal nutrition and soil health. The quality of the alfalfa and clovers directly affects forage quality and livestock performance.  Prairie Creek Seed is very selective when we choose the varieties we offer to farmers. Our alfalfas and clovers are agronomically strong with high disease tolerance, high-yielding, palatable and will be persistent.  Forage quality is always a first selection priority

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Prairie Creek Seed delivers high-yielding and nutritionally-superior alfalfa varieties. We have selected top-of-the-line varieties based on your production needs. We are producing high-quality seed genetics resulting in superior disease resistance as well as  exceptional yields in many environments within the Upper Midwest and Western Regions.  Offering multiple alfalfa seed options, our program is adaptable to meet the specific needs of  an array of farm and ranch management styles and varying environmental conditions.

Prairie Creek Seed clover is known for delivering exceptional forage quality for livestock.  Clovers introduced into grass stands will increase yield and quality of the pasture or alternative forage crops. This is achieved by the clovers fixing nitrogen in the soil for other vegetation and microbes to utilize, promoting the symbiotic relationship between the plant species. We select these clovers to enhance the quality of the pasture and provide premium yields. This diversity improves palatability and the nutritional value of the forages in your livestock operation.

The coating and inoculants on our seed are created with cutting-edge science and proven research. They are designed to help your crops reach their full potential. Let our innovative seed technology help you achieve improved seed emergence, more uniform stands, better survivability and superior performance over uncoated seeds.  Products are available for organic producers as well.

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